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Swing Cats
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IUPUI Swing Cats
Having fun!

IUPUI Swing Cats is a non for profit dance organization.  We are always looking for new students.  We have 3 types of members.
  1. Swing Kittens- These members are brand new to the team.  They are still beginners, and are learning basic steps.  They have practice once a week.  They are encouraged to participate in as many social dances as possible, and all fundraising events/ open meetings.
  2.  Swing Cats- These members are a step up from the kittens.  They get together and dance.  We do still have practice, and you are more then welcome to learn routines, or even be on the routine team if numbers permitt.
  3. Routine Team- These members are the people who dedicate a lot of time to learning the routines and performing them.  Everyone is encouraged to come out and support us at all.

We are currently selling entertainment books... if you would like to help, or  buy one, contact Jessie at 317-525-3796.  They are $25 dollars if you would like to purchase one.